IT Solutions

Made by SolutionFacts Consulting: or an all-embracing and individual approach!

We offer comprehensive IT-Concepts as well as professional IT-Solutions for your modern Business-IT. We support you in all stages of your project from analysis, consulting as well as procurement and rollout to operations and service.

What’s important for us: only together we are strong!

In other words, together with you we are developing your individual solution: tailored to your needs and always keeping in mind a future-proof and sustainable Business-IT

We see ourselves as a full-service-agency always staying by your side in all project stages.


From procurement to the installation of your hardware, we cover the complete process. We can cover the concept up to a complete rollout.


1st, 2nd or 3rd level: we take care of your Business-IT from one source.


Most important for us is the analysis of demand. Based on that we develop target-oriented and implement the software individually.


Do you want to exclusively focus on your core business? Go for it: meanwhile we take care of your IT-infrastructure and take the load off from you.

After Sales

Even after a successful implementation or conversion of your IT, it still does not mean that we are done. Our consultants will be happy to assist you, if needed.


The maintenance of your IT-infrastructure is what is most important for a smooth and highly efficient Business-IT. We are happy to take care of it!

This is what we offer

All in one

All in one

You will get the full service from us. That means that you can focus on your individual business.

Thanks to a pool of professionals we can offer you a complete bundle. That safes you lots of time and promises high professionalism from our side!

No matter if you need new hardware or someone that takes care of your existing IT-infrastructure, just let us know and we will be happy to assist you.



Our special focus is on the individuality of our customer, always!

We see our customers as an individual with specific demands and needs and that is why we do not have any standard solutions.

We analyse your strengths and weaknesses, compile your goals and develop a solution that is based on these individual facts.

Get in contact with us for a first meet-up!



For us, the idea of a full service approach is our highest priority!

What is most important to us is the fact that you feel taken care of by us even when the project is officially completed.

Therefore we like to have the best after sales service available. We will be there for you even after the project is officially ended.

Do you want more info about IT solutions, what we can do or do you want to meet up? You can contact us directly!