Digital Communication

For us Digital Communication means everything you need for the success of your company in the digital sector.

We can build this foundation for you! We can set up different aspects and we can service the digital communication between you and your partners and/or customers. Request our portfolio, or let us know how we can support you.


Flyers, brochures, folders, holiday greeting cards are all part of the plan for SolutionFacts Consulting. Connect with your customer on a 360 degrees marketing setup.

(Online) Newsletters

Communicate newness, promotions or simply connect with customers by setting up a newsletter program online. Evaluate results and grow your business.

Social Media

Nowadays it is essential to think about a professional social media strategy. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook can no longer be neglected. Let us find your strategy together!


Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

You need a complete make-over of your existing marketing strategy including all listed options?

No problem for us! In close cooperation with a professional network of various partners, our team will create an individual strategy for you, including all the necessary implementation measures.

Want to learn more, want to see our ideas for your brand or do you want to set up a meeting to create a new brand? Click the button and we will contact you soon!